Below are some of the selected miracles in the ministries of Rev. Dr. Ononuju and his wife. There are hundreds of them but these few were selected. These are based on truth with the fear of God. There is no fabrication, falsehood nor any exaggeration in this report. The testimonies below on the miracles in Rev. Dr. Ononuju’s ministries are nothing but the truth that happened publicly. Below are the selected miracles that happened in Ononuju’s ministries.
  • (A) Miracles of Salvation from Sin
    1. Ndu is a native of Eneka Port Harcourt. He was a drunkard, chronic smoker, a fighter and a malicious destroyer. He never saw anything good in Christianity until he came to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who took him to Christ, today, he is a wonderful child of God.
    2. Caroline was a public harlot living in a hotel at Diobu Port Harcourt. She has been in such prostitution for over eight years before Rev. Dr. Ononuju met her with the gospel, today she is a pastor’s wife with children full of God’s love.
    3. Peter was an armed robber living at Rumuokwurusi Port Harcourt. He was incharge of all robbery cases in Aba – Port Harcourt express road. He had terminated many souls, robbed many great institutions before Ononuju approached with the gospel. The result of his conversion was his response to the gospel ministry. Today, he si a great evangelist in Lagos, Nigeria.
    4. Mrs. Rose Owunam was an adulterer, bunging different men into her family bed for adultery till the day she came across Ononuju who engaged her with the gospel truth. The result of such discussion was her repentance with tears. She later converted her husband and they are presently living in peace and in fullness of the gospel.
    5. Anthony E. is from Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. He was an occultist, a diabolic person, who had charmed many people and killed some through occult powers. He claimed to be the greatest till the day Rev. Dr. Ononuju confronted him with the gospel truth. He was totally saved. Today he is a notable pastor in Port Harcourt.
    6. Bro Christopher was a drunkard who was staggering here there, taking different type of hard drugs and was always in gutter after taking uncontrollable alcohol. He was almost insane before he came to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who converted him to Christ. Today he is an officer in the church.
    7. David is from Delta State. He was the greatest persecutor of the church. He fought his brother and nearly killed him because he repented. He attacked the church with strong weapons aiming at destroying it and upon such process Ononuju came to him who also through the process converted him. Today he is a man of God, preaching the gospel everywhere.
    8. Francis Ndu is from Ngwa, a chronic fornicator, chronic smoker, a chief, a killer and a dupe who came to Rev. Dr. Ononuju by night, instead of killing Rev. Dr. Ononuju as he planned was converted by Dr. Ononuju through the power of God. Today Francis is a General Superintendent of “Holy Ghost Fire Ministry in Obigbo River State.
    9. Alex Nwogu was one of the most notable womanizers in Port Harcourt. He never sleep any day without a woman. His life was characterized with fornication, drunkenness helpless until he met Rev. Dr. Ononuju who directed him to Christ. He was saved and began to work as an usher in the church. Today, he is among the great believers in Christ and those who support God’s work.
    10. Ikaete was a mother of four. She was always involved in extra marital sex (adultery). She did not have any regard to her husband. She was even having sex with men of the same compound till Rev. Dr. Ononuju met her with the gospel. Today she is a strong “woman evangelist in Eket Akwa Ibom State. She is presently planning to build her church (church house).
    11. David was a police officer with international airport Port Harcourt. He was a trouble maker, Bribe taker, fighter, liar and always cheating and humiliating people with his uniform until Rev. Dr. Ononuju met him with the gospel that brought him to Christ. He later became saved. He is now a pastor and the founder of big ministries in Port Harcourt and Republic of Ghana.

      (B) Miracles of healing the sick
      1. Chukwumena from Eneka in Obio Akpo LGA, Rivers State of Nigeria, the first daughter of Mrs Rose Onyeukwu was healed from a protracted illness after Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for her healing.
      2. More than sixty sick people who were sick of different sicknesses such as malaria, headache, fever, stroke, deafness and some with HIV positive were healed when Rev. Dr. Ononuju preached in Rhema Glorious Church Aba.
      3. One Mr. Ogwo was healed by God in his troublous sickness of appendix, which God performed a divine appendectomy after Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for him and he became free till date. He is from Item in Bende LGA of Abia State of Nigeria.
      4. Mrs Comfort was HIV positive when she came to Rev. Dr. Ononuju with her husband from Onitsha Anambra State of Nigeria. She was healed after Rev. Dr. Ononuju’s prayers on her deliverance.
      5. Mr. Florintus Omire lost his left eye for over six months when he attended Rev. Dr. Ononuju’s program at Diobu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. After Ononuju’s prayers, he re – gained his sight till date. He is from Oguta, Imo State of Nigeria.
      6. More than seventy sick persons from Disciples of Christ Mission Aba were healed of different sicknesses ranging from Malaria, Fever, stomach ulcer, epilepsy and other infections sicknesses when Rev. Dr. Ononuju preached there and prayed for them.
      7. One Mr. Kenneth Osu was miracleously healed of a skin desease that was specifically described as leprosy, small pox, itches, rashes, boils nor as ring warm which lasted for two years and six monthes before Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for him and the sickness disappeared till date. Mr Osu is a member of Bible Missionary Church, a native of Mberi in Imo State of Nigeria.

        (C) Miracles of healing the mad persons
        1. Mr. Joe who had been mad for twenty five years a native of Isuofia in Aguata local government of Anambra State was restore to his senses and was completely healed when Rev. Dr. Ononuju had crusade at Ekwulobia.
        2. Engr. Mike, an electrical engineer from Amiri in Oru LGA of Imo State who was healed of madness and was restored to his right mind till date when he was brought to Rev. Dr. Ononuju by his relations Deacons Sam Dike and Dennis Nneji.
        3. Joy Enwumere was mad and was prayed for and she became alright after all efforts failed on her case before Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for her. She is sound and clear till date and having her family and children in order. She is from Ikwerre in Rivers State of Nigeria.
        4. Ego, a pastor’s daughter and a member of Assemblies of God church who was mad for five years was restore when Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for her. She is from Aguleri in Anambra West LGA of Anambra State. Her father, a pastor brought her to Rev. Dr. Ononuju.
        5. Deacon Onyebuchi became mad for one year until his case was brought to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who laid hand on him and he became alright till date. His case was made known to Ononuju through his wife. He is from Mbaise in Imo State of Nigeria.
        6. Obioma Madu, a twenty three year undergraduate of Abia State University was mad for four years before his mother brought him to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who prayed for him and he fully became healed till date without any psychiatric symptom.
        7. Mr. Udofia is from Uyo in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. He was mad and dumb who was brought to Rev. Dr. Ononuju crusade at port Harcourt Rivers State, while he was prayed for and was healed from both madness and dumbness till date. He is about twenty eight years old.
        8. Kate was mad for more than two years before her elder brothers wife Mrs Amadi brought her to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who loosed her from the powers of madness. She is healed and still remains free till date. She is from Uvuru in Mbaise of Imo State of Nigeria. She was twenty two years when she was healed of madness.
  • (D) Miracles of Raising the dead Persons
    1. Ugoma Adiotu from Umuocha Awa, Oguta Imo State was prayed back to life after confirmed dead for six hours. God used Dr. Ononuju to bring him back to lige till date.
    2. Mboy, a son to Rose Owunam from Amino Ikeduru in Imo State a member of BMC Port Harcourt was restored back to life after being dead for some hours.
    3. Boma walter from Ogbia in Bayelsa State died and was brought to Dr. Ononuju by his mother Mrs Stella walter, Dr Ononuju prayed him back to life till date.
    4. Tarry the son of Mrs Comfort Wilson was restored to life by Rev. Dr. Ononuju after being declared dead by all. Mrs Comfort Wilson is from Yenegoa in Bayelsa State.
    5. Johoshephat restored to life after being dead in the hospital at Aba. Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for fifteen munites when his death report came to him from the hospital where he died. This man is from Okigwe in Imo State.

  • (E) Miracles of deliverance from Demonic Powers
    1. Mrs. Grace Aki is from Edo State of Nigeria, she was fully initiated to the demonic organization by her mother when she was in the womb. She later joined demons living in the rivers, forest and burial ground till when she was brought to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who prayed for here and loosed her till date.
    2. Gloria Dike was physically married to Demon who was living in Imo river, this demon later took Gloria to the spirit world where she lived for 18 months before she was brought to Ononuju for deliverance. She is fully delivered till date. She is from Eneka Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
    3. Mrs Rose Onyenwe was possessed by demons who literally had visitations of different evil spirits. Her life was full of fear, suspect, hatred and dislikeness to the thing of God till when Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for her and she became free and joined the church. She is from Mbaise in Imo State of Nigeria.
    4. Ebere kemkwu is from Umuahia, Abia State, she was possessed by demons and was fully initiated to the demonic world. Her nearest friends were demonic rats, bats, pigs, snakes and cows that visited often. She hated the church and Christians until the day Deacon James Ukwe brought her to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who cast out the demons and set her free till date.
    5. Sussan Osigwe is from Isu in Imo State of Nigeria, she was possessed with demons and always spoke demonic languages unknown to all. She spoke animal languages and never communicated to human beings but animals until when her elder brother Dean Ephraim brought her to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who prayed for her and she became free till date.
    6. Mrs Ejiri is from Warri in Delta State of Nigeria was married in the spirit world. According to her the name of her demonic husband was pyton a red man who claimed to come from India who was living in River Niger with Mrs Ejiri who also was married to Sampson here on earth. She was insane till the day that she was delivered through the ministry of Rev. Dr. Emma Ononuju.
    7. One lady from the Republic of Cameroon who was initiated and dangerously possessed by demons was brought to Rev. Dr. Ononuju by Ike Lawrence a student of El Theological College Aba. This lady was described to be insane as a result of that till the time Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for her that led to her total freedom till date.
    8. Deon influenced person named Okey was delivered at Port Harcout. This man had harmed and charmed many good citizens through his occult and demonic powers. He was prayed for and delivered by Rev. Dr. Ononuju while he was vomiting red and white content from his mouth. He is completely free till date.
    9. Bro. Ifeanyi of BMC Port Harcourt, brought a lady from Obowo in Imo state who was demon incarnate living in River Niger and claimed to have caused many road accidents in Nigeria. She was delivered as Ononuju prayed for her she became free till date.
    10. Emma Akparu is a nature of Aba, the commercial city of Nigeria. He was very diabolic, great occultist, charmer, sorcerer, wizard, witch doctor, destroyer of men and air polluter through his demonic powers. This man came to charm Rev. Dr. Ononuju and was arrested by power of God. He was later delivered and he joined Ononuju’s church till date.
    11. Mrs Agala was initiated by her mother in Aba river, she grew to became a demon representative and demonic prophetess in Aba gaining her power from river and at times living in Imo and Aba rivers. She was appearing and disappearing at will. She was flying and reaching other part of the world in five munites. Shewas the church attacker till she was brought to Rev. Dr. Ononuju’s cruseade in Aba where she was totally delivered till date.
  • (F) Miracles of breaking the curses and evil foundation
    1. David Onyeka is from Achina in Anambra State, he had evil foundation that caused failures, hardship, peacelessness, disappointment, and trouble before he was prayed for and the Lord delivered and his life, possessions and experiences changed till date.
    2. Emenike Uba is from Item in Bende LGA of Abia State, he had evil foundation inherited from the evil activities of his father. As a result he had stagnant business, childlessness, setbacks, sicknesses and different troubles before he was prayed for and delivered from evil foundation. His experiences changed, he began to have children and properity regained till date.
    3. Thompson was Buguma River State. He was highly occultic and has involved himself with notable incarnate and evil agent. His life was full of suspect, sleeplessness, restlessness and at times in isolation. He was brought to Rev. Dr. Ononuju by Deacon Moses of port Harcourt. This man was fully delivered and freed till date.
    4. Mama Jini is from Ihie in Abia State. She was involved in occult practices which made her to be mad for six years before Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for her. She became delivered, regained her senses and came to her right mind till date.
    5. Comfort is from Anambra State who married for eight years without a child who came to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who also prayed for her and broke the curses she incurred through incest. She was delivered and later had children. She is now enjoying her marriage with her children.
    6. Anthony is from Oji River Enugu State, whose business automatically liquidated due to incest. This young man almost became a beggar before he met Rev. Dr. Ononuju who loosed him from such curses. He was delivered and his business revived. Today he is enjoying and prospering .
    7. Ndubuise was a tailor from Mbaise Imo State whose business was closed due to the sin of incest. He almost became insane due to poverty before they brought him to Ononuju who prayed for him and his business revived and progressed. Today he is among the richest members of his church in Aba Abia State of Nigeria.
    8. Clifford Nwosu is from Onitsha Anambra Stae, he was childless due to infertility, poor due to curses and finally confussed until when Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for him, loosed him which led to the revival of his business and his wife later had children while his business latewr progressed till date.
    9. Okon is from Uyo Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, he had nine years old marriage without a child, frequent disappointments and frequent attacks, as a result of the presence of idols and bad family foundations in his fathers compound, he was prayed for the idols were burnt and delivered. His business started growing, he became rich and all former experiences stoped his wife later gave birth to children. He is free till date.
    10. Roseline is from Okirika in River State of Nigeria who was 42 years old without marriage due to incest she committed with her father. This lady was prayed for, delivered and she later got a good husband and married and was blessed with three children.
  • (G) Miracles of Economic healing and librations
    1. Bro Uzoma is from Ohaji in Imo State of Nigeria who was employed by Elf Company in Port Harcourt, without salary increment and without promotion for over ten years because he was a stingy person and tithe defaulter until when Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for him and counseled him and totally liberated him, he was later promoted with salary increment, till date he is a rich person, great and enjoying.
    2. Deaconess Angela received a special laying of hand from Rev. Dr. Ononuju, the result of such prayer the following day was promotion from typist to the company’s manager with salary increment. Deaconess Angela is a member of Bible Missionary Church Port Harcourt, River State of Nigeria.
    3. Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted a special deliverance service at BMC 136 Cameroun road Aba, where he loosed member of that church from the power of poverty, the result of such ministration was financial freedom, prosperity, progress, business opportunities and success to the members who openly testified all these in open church services.
    4. Deacon Onyemachi is from Aboh Mbaise in Imo State of Nigeria who was very poor, helpless and suffering till he met Rev. Dr. Ononuju who prayed for him and broke all foundational curses and loosed him from powers of poverty, he was loosed and his business progress, he built house bought car and began to control big amount till date. He is a rich Christian in his church.
    5. Clifford Eze was a native of Aguata in Anambra state whose business had a drastic set back and he began to be in want, in poverty and in great suffering having no food to eat until when Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for him and loosed him from bad family foundation and he began to prosper, became rich and his business grew rapidly till date.
    6. Kenneth was a known poor Christian in his local church, Bible Missionary Church Aba, who never see even food to eat unitl one good Sunday when Rev. Dr. Ononuju was invited to that church who loosed all afflicted including Bro Kenneth who received financial healing as a special prayer was made on him, he was loosed and started receiving blessings, miracles and prosperity from God till date, he is a rich man in his church and in his town.
    7. Douglas was living at Elelenwo River State but a native of Andoni in Akwa Ibom State who was suffering from poverty and applicant ship until his wife introduced him to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who prayed for him Douglas later became great, rich and became one of the big contractors of Shell BP in Port Harcourt. Presently Douglas is among the richest citizens in Port Harcourt.
    8. Eme is from Abiriba Abia State but living in Onitsha Anambra State. He was a business who money was in the hands of debtors. Thousands of people were owing him that his business became too low, too poor and liquidating due to many people who were owing him. He was about packing home before Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for hm. In fact twenty four hours (24 hrs) after Ononuju’s prayers for him, more than twelve persons where were owing him paid him with apology. As at the time of writing this Eme was among the rich men in Onitsha commercial city.
  • (H) Deliverance from barrenness (Miracles of fruitfulness)
    1. Adam from Amaigbo in Nwangele LGA of Imo State was barren for twelve years, without any child and without any pregnancy till when Rev. Dr. Ononuju in prayed for her. She later conceived and her twin boys and now mother of four.
    2. Mrs Chanty is from Ife in Mbaise of Imo State who was barren for twenty years without any miscarriage and without any traces of pregnancy. She had spent all she had in treatment before Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed for her, who took in after one month. Today she is the mother of five children.
    3. Rose Eme is from Item in Bende LGA who was barren for eight years before Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted deliverance on her, today she is the mother of six children, they are living in Aba, Abia State Nigeria.
    4. Sister peace lived nine and half years with her husband without any pregnancy until when Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted deliverance on her. Today she is the mother of six children. She is from Isukwato in Abia State but living with her family in Bori Rivers State of Nigeria.
    5. Obiageli had been barren for seven years since after he wedding. She was troubled and nearly killed herself before Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted deliverance on her, today she is the mother of five boys and one girl. She is from Aguata in Anambra State of Nigeria.
    6. Mrs Oga was from Item who was 48 years old without marriage until Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted deliverance on her, two months later, she married and nine months after her marriage gave birth to twin boys. Today is the mother of two children.
    7. Amarachi was a doctor’s wife in Aba who case was beyond medical treatment, until when Rev. Dr. Ononuju prayed and conducted deliverance on her, today she is the mother of five. She was barren for ten years after their white wedding.
    8. A 38 year old lady was without marriage and without any child, until when Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted total deliverance on her, today she has married and became mother of three.
  • (I) Miracles of freedom from Long spinsterhood
    1. Adaku is from Assemblies of God church Umule Aba who was 38 year old without marriage who was in great tension until Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted deliverance on her, two months later, she got married, today she is the mother of four.
    2. A 46 year old lady from Okoko Item in Abia State was still a spinster until when Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted total deliverance on her, who later married after two months. Today she is a mother of three.
    3. A 42 year old lady from Asa in Ukwa West LGA of Abia still a spinster till she came to Rev. Dr. Ononuju who also conducted a total deliverance on her, who later married after three months of her total deliverance.
    4. Mrs Chioma, a las practitioner was unmarried at thirty nine and was totally confused without knowin next step to follow till Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted total deliverance on her through the approach of Mrs Ann Egbuho, today the lady is the mother of five, because she entered into marriage four weeks after Rev. Dr. Ononuju’s prayer on her.
    5. More than 40 spinsters at Bible Missionary Church Nekede owerri in Imo state received from long spinsterhood, when Rev. Dr. Ononuju preached in that church and finally conducted deliverance to all that were chained by demons of long spinsterhood, today, these ladies are all wives and mothers of many children.
    6. Adaego later married at the age of 37. She is from Nkwerre LGA of Imo State and was not married, neither was she approached by any man for marriage nor for friendship. This confusions stood till Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted total deliverance on her who later married after two months from the day of her freedom.
    7. Ugomma was a graduate of computer science from Abia State University, who was thirty eight years old without marriage, until Rev. Dr. Ononuju conducted total deliverance on her, she later married a Barrister from Uzokoli in Abia State of Nigeria.
  • (J) Miracles of family restoration (family peace)
    1. Benard a native of Ogoni in River State was about divorcing his wife before Rev. Dr. Ononuju intervened, settled for them and re – united them. Today, Pastor Benard has a peaceful home with deep spiritual concentration and deep concern.
    2. Deacon Chukwuma is from Abia State of Nigeria, a member of BMC Aba was having a collapsed home with fighting, quarrelling and daily disagreements who sought for divorce before Rev. Dr. Ononuju called them for settlement. Today the family is at peace, in great love and total devotion to God.
    3. Deacon Emma ran out of his home because of family troubles, peacelessness, crisis and daily fighting at his home. Living at Port Harcourt with family and a wife from Taraba State. The family was on firebefore Rev. Dr. Ononuju’s intervention. Today the family is at peace enjoying the benefits of Christianity at home.
    4. Sampson’s family was in ruine and in disaster due to sins of unfaithfulness, evil words, fighting, suspicions and distrust. The wife left the family for some months before Rev. Dr. Ononuju re – invited her, settled them and re – united them, today, that family is real heaven on earth full of love and joy.
    5. Barrister Gedeon’s wife was a harlot who often left her husband in Aba and travelled to Onitsha, Abuja, Lagos Calabar, Kaduna, Ibadan and at times out side the country without any information or respect to her husband. The family was in total disaster before Rev. Dr. Ononuju intervened, counseled and prayed for them. Today the family is at peace and in harmony.
    6. Thompson divorced his twenty years old marriage that was blessed with five children. His family was characterized with fighting and quarrelling that led to such divorce that lasted for three years before Rev. Dr. Ononuju intervened, settled them prayed for them and finally helped them, today they are reconciled and living in peace.
    7. Mr. Orie’s family was characterized with knives and sticks coupled with daily violent activites involving the man, his wife and children fighting every day before Rev. Dr. Ononuju intervened. Today that family is healed and completely living in Peace.


All Testimonies in this chapter are nothing but the truth, the people concerned permitted us to use their experiences to write one of our books entitled “LOOSE HIM AND LET HIM GO” from where we took all these materials. For more information write – eltheco@yahoo.com, intermitho@yahoo.com or call - +2348056614554, +2348064197608.


  1. Raising the dead persons
  2. Healing the mad persons
  3. Healing the sick persons
  4. Deliverance from Demonic powers
  5. Breaking of curses and evil foundations
  6. Economic healing and financial restoration
  7. Deliverance from barrenness
  8. Freedom from Long spinster hood
  9. Family healing and peace restoration
  10. Salvation from sins


Below are the out reach ministries of the Ononuju’s which are followed by many signs and wonders. These outreach ministries have given birth to church planting, establishment of schools, training of missionaries, healing the sick, loosing the oppressed, salvation of sinners and raising the dead. (for details see miracles in Ononujus ministries). The outreach ministries of the Ononuju’s include the following ministries;
  1. Crusades: this is the powerful out reach ministry of the Ononuju’s where thousands of people are called to repentance and salvation. Many miracles are also the fruit of their crusades – (see miracles in Ononuju’s ministries)
  2. Outings: this is a miraculous outing of meeting sinners and the less – privileged in the society for healing, salvation and deliverance coupled with positive assurances.
  3. Radio ministry: this is a radio preaching and teaching aiming at reading thousands at a goal with the word of life, especially the unchurched individuals.
  4. Miracle Bonanza: this is a monthly miracle teaching and preaching program that flows with different miracles such as deliverance, healing, breaking of curses and others miracles from the Lord – (see miracles in Ononuju’s ministries)
  5. Healing ministries: Dr. Ononuju holds weekly healing ministries that attract men and women from within and outside the state. This programme records hundreds of healing of those that were sick irrespective of the type of their sickness and diseases.
  6. Deliverance programme: every Thursday is a day of prayers, counseling and deliverance. Hundreds of people troop Rev. Dr. Ononuju’s office for breaking of curses, deliverance land liberation, family healing and general break – through. This ministries is very fruitful.
  7. Mobile ministry: the ministries of the Ononuju’s family include the training of ministers and missionaries who can enter trains ship, lorries, buses and canoes to different cities and towns with tracts gospel materials and with gospel preaching to the passengers in such means of transport.
  8. Tract ministries: printing and distributing of tractsa across the nations are important accepts of Ononuju’s ministries in EL Emancipation ministry. Tract ministry plays important role in their ministries.
  9. Inter – church ministry: Rev. Dr. Ononuju is often invited by churche for different ministerial functions. He is highly needed by different denominations as he preaches and teaches with auction with miracles as its evidences.
  10. Conference speaking: Rev. Dr. Ononuju and his wife are known for preaching and teaching. They are conference speakers in Nigeria and beyond. Churches and organizations often invite them for preaching, teaching and for building of souls.
  11. Widows support ministry: Dr. and Mrs Ononuju’s have it as a compulsory ministry to invite hundreds of widows in the cities in order to preach and convert them and in order to support them with money, with foods, with clothes and with the school fees of their fatherless children.
  12. Hospital Ministry: this is also the ministry to the sick. This ministry accompanies prayers and visitations to the sick in different hospital which accompanies gifts and donations to the sick.
  13. Prison Ministry: this is a visitations to prisoners for prayers, preaching and conversion. This programme accompanies gifts, cash and other items of encouragement to the prisoners, aiming at giving them hope of survival in Jesus Christ.
  14. Rural ministry: this is a strong programme when Rev. Dr. Ononuju and his wife with their evangelism team carry the gospel to rural areas with a single aim of bunginning them to Jesus. This ministry accompanies different gifts to the poor dwellers in rural areas such as money, foods, clothes, Bibles, salt, shoes, helps and other things even medicines for them.
  15. School ministry: this is a weekly program, which is every Wednesday when Rev. Dr. Ononuju sends out different preachers to different secondary schools and higher schools for preaching and teaching in order to convert the students.
  16. Market ministries: this is an important ministry of the Ononuju’s where evangelists are sent to different markets with loud speakers to address the traders with the word of God aim at reaching the unreached with the gospel of life.
  17. Youth ministry: reaching the youths with the gospel is an important focus of El Emancipation ministry which Rev. Dr. Ononuju and his wife Dr. (Mrs.) Alzuriel are projecting and leading. The conversion of the youths is in their vision and prayers always.
  18. Literature ministries: the extension of the gospel in the ministries of Rev. Dr. Emma Ononuju and his wife, Rev. Dr. (Mrs.) Alzuriel Ononuju include powerful means of using different literatures to reach the unreached. Literature is another means which the ONONUJUS are using to spread the gospel.
  19. Missionary ministries: Many Missionaries are often sent to mission fields to church the unchurched and to reach the unreached. This is another burden in the hearts oof the Ononuju’s and they are both training, sponsoring, sending and building missionaries for the mission fields.
  20. Ministers Seminars: training and equipping the gospel ministers for the task ahead are among the major focuses of the Ononujus, therefore Rev. Dr. Ononuju has been too relevant and too productive in the seminars involving pastors and other gospel ministers in Nigeria.
  21. Church worker training program: Local church workshops involving all church workers are among the businesses of Rev. Dr. Ononuju for the church. Training of the lay workers in the church and conducting workshops that can help the local church members to be effective and active in God’s businesses are among other ministries of the ONONUJUS.
  22. Church Leaders Seminars: To train church leaders and to equip them is another ministry of the ONONUJUS. Leadership Seminars are among what has given Rev. Dr. Ononuju great fame in the gospel ministry as he is regularly involved in the church leadership Seminar.
  23. Marriage Seminars: Rev. Dr. Ononuju as a person is marriage counselor whom God is using to reconcile many broken and peace less homes. Based on his knowledge and the gift of God, he had been conducting successful marriage seminars in different parts of Africa.
  24. Crisis Management: How to manage your crisis defend the faith and overcome your enemies have always been on focus in Ononuju’s ministries. What to do when you don’t know what to do and how to bring man to his right mind irrespective of the crisis around him is one of the ministries of Rev. Dr. Ononuju and his frequent success in such management has given him credits above others in the same ministry. Crisis management has been noted among other ministries of Rev. Dr. Ononuju.
  25. Business Seminar: Rev. Dr. Ononuju is a chief consultant in Christian business management. He is emphasizing in the types of business, how to start, how to conduct, means of productivity, means of management, co – ordinating and how to build a fruitful business as believers in Christ. Rev. Dr. Ononuju is known for his conference speaking and his powerful leadership skill in Christian ministries in Nigeria.